Animal Quiz by Model Maker

  1. Men get less as they grow older
  2. A lady seaman
  3. Bat, ball and stumps
  4. Ice cold breast
  5. Run upstairs to find this bird
  6. It comes down ladders
  7. Get this when shouting
  8. He went to sea with a cat
  9. ? and Dec
  10. You may find this in a hole
  11. This worm does not run very fast
  12. Find these in an apiary
  13. You may find GOD in this
  14. Start a letter
  15. This is done to to open the box
  16. If you didn’t get the above, you are a silly?
  17. He was a King
  18. It was a thieving
  19. A kind of brown
  20. A coloured dog
  21. It may be welsh
  22. Which bird crossed the road?
  23. You won’t forget this quiz
  24. It’s like a mitten

Answers sometime next week.

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