WSCC Leader Paul Marshall’s message to residents

I know these are challenging, worrying and unprecedented times for everyone in West Sussex, the whole country and indeed the whole world. Our priority is to make sure we protect the vulnerable members of our community, working with colleagues across the NHS and all of our partners, to get them the support they need. I […]


Dear Shed members.I’ve just managed to get back to the UK so the current situation was a bit of a shock.  Does anyone know any local garden nurseries, hardware shops and timber suppliers who are open i.e., provide a good online and delivery service?  Most seem to be closed or are only willing to supply […]

About leather

This section is for the leatherwork class and anyone who is interested in the subject. Use blogs and comments to: discuss your projects, ask for help/guidance, providing feedback, giving hints and tips. You can upload a blog to start a conversation using ‘Submit Blog’ (see menu), and use images wherever it would help the conversation. […]