Guide to Posting

  • To post a information either select Submit Post, or send a typed version (Word doc or pdf) to the site editor via email:
  • Attach images as jpegs (do not attach documents)
  • Select a category from the form list
  • The item will be checked and posted if approved
  • Your name, date and time posted with the item
  • The item will appear in the category selected or assigned
  • Once posted, comments can be made in the Leave a Comment box
  • You will need to provide your name and email address to ensure that the comment is genuine
  • Your name will appear with the comment
  • Your email address will not appear with the comment
  • All comments will be moderated by the site editor
  • Long posts are given an exerpt on the page. To see all text and images click on the Title
  • If protected, click on title to reveal password input box.

It is best to submit your own media (images) rather than paste and copy from other sources such as Google, which are likey to have copyright restrictions and rights. We will not allow any material to be published if we believe it infringes any copyright, data protection, safeguarding or any other law.