Hog House, Planter and Bug House needed

Can anyone help Maggie?:

I am  living in desperation for a hedgehog house and maybe a double planter as I have balance and spine issues.  However I want to create a massive bug hotel from pallets which I have been offered free if I could only lift them up. I am hoping that you could put the basic shape together with a roof that I should create a living roof upon.  I wondered if there was anybody there that felt inspired enough to help me get going.

If I was not so disabled I would have a go myself.  I would rather pay to your sort of organisation than buy a ready made.

Thank you for even reading this crazy request. A crazy retired nurse in ‘shielding’.

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  1. Hi Eric
    I assume Maggie has received a reply from us? Surely we must have a hedgehog house already available (and probably the planted too). We can easily make her the bug hotel as soon as we’re back. Can she provide more details of what she is looking for?

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