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  1. Hi David, a very good point raised which applies to many of us. Going into the garden is a great pick me up even when the sun is not out. If you have a green house then now is the time to be able to spend a bit of time out of the cold wind and in the warmth potting up seed etc.
    Self Isolation brings the computer into its own and there are numerous ways of doing things with others through the computer. Could be a perfect forum for shed members. If it interests you I can have a hunt for programmes that may suit the needs of our members. I am thinking of various games like scrablle, card games etc. Let me know what you think. Mike C

  2. David, tried walking at Ashdown on Sun but everyone had the same idea. Ended up at Chailey where it was more sensible though limited. I had intended to go cycling and wish I had. It looked a much better option because there were fewer cars on the road and of course it’s easy to do the social distancing too.

  3. Perhaps we can meet online via ‘Zoom’, either through the laptop, iPad or mobile and chat over a cuppa?

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