Inside BH-Shed (Quiz)

Another wacky quiz from around the workshop by Model Maker

Have a go at these little teasers with straightforward answers and a few tricky ones to test your workshop knowledge. Answers sometime next week.

1 It’s a sin to use one

2 The Queen

3 Plant seeds with this

4 A square from motorbike and sidecar

5 Find this in a Dorset beach

6 Used to break toffee

7 Roast beef, lamb, etc.

8 It’s not self-raising flour

9 Have this at 11 o’clock

10 Sir Henry Woods nickname

11 Roof of mouth

12 You can’t find this for the trees

13 A yellow prickly bush

14 Dakota, Boeing 707

15 A toolmaker may use this

16 You can’t have a tenon without this

17 Orange and vodka

18 You need 2 to hold this tight

19 Don’t use this in the toilet

20 You need this to make a bowl

21 Do a dance whne holding this

22 A long seat for two

23 WD40 and a pebble

24 A crab banger 

25 Medical orderly

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