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  1. Carp Master

    My name is Martin Cornish
    but you can call me Mart.
    I spend all day beside a pond
    angling for Carp.

    I pre-bait my intended swim
    then with my ‘Pro-Carp’ kit
    I set up camp against the damp
    And there for hours sit.

    With sandwiches and coffee flask
    I settle down, ignoring
    non-anglers who often ask
    “don’t you find this boring?”

    I just can’t tell them how it feels
    to catch a Carp against the odds
    with fixed-spool multiplier reels
    and carbon fibre specialist rods.

    Bite detectors I won’t use
    I like old fashioned floats
    all DayGlo tipped, I’m well equipped
    and have a wallet full of those.

    Hemp seed is my favoured lure
    I use it all the time
    as always when I bait with hemp
    I get fish on the line.

    I’ve tried all types of other bait –
    worms, maggots, cheese, and bread.
    All failed the test, Carp like hemp best
    so I use that instead.

    I like to tempt them from the weed
    and watch as they come up to feed
    and hope that this will be the day
    I’ll catch ‘the one that got away’

  2. Wow! That’s unbelievable!!

    I’ll have to get some advice and lessons from you, I’ve been talking to my son about starting fishing which he seems keen on.

    Hope your safe and well fella.

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