Mollie Morgan

As some of you will know I have an interest in old vehicles (most 1920s and 1930s). One of my vehicles is a 1939 F4 Morgan. The F4 stands for Ford engine and 4 seats although I think you would have to be a small person to sit in the back. The basic chassis is metal and it has an ash wooden frame, with a steel-covering. The current Morgans, which are called 5-speeders, are, I believe, made under the same construction. (this may change as ownership of the Morgan Company has changed). I find this vehicle more usable and practical than the V-twin version, for which the Morgan Company is famous for in the motor sporting world. I find I use my vehicle more during the winter months than the motorcycles that I own. The car gives me the freedom of a motorcycle with the addition of an extra wheel! If I am really lucky the heater will kick in as well! Spare parts are not a problem as the engine is the same as Ford used in their early Fords so there are many websites and companies dealing with this sort of engine. The cycle parts of the car are readily available through the Morgan Three-Wheeler Club and also through other subsidiaries. The vehicle gives me great pleasure to drive and since ownership of Mollie both my “navigator” and I have covered and taken part in many rallies both in the UK and in Europe. You will no doubt see me around (hopefully soon!) but not stranded on the side of the road (as occasionally happens!).

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  1. Hi Tim, well memories come flooding back! In the summer of 1967 I secured a summer job In Grimsby fish docks (Ross Frozen Foods) before going to Uni. My good friend Mike Gray and I travelled the 20 miles each way to work in a Morgan three wheeler which he owned. He and his dad were enthusiasts, I think they had a Berkeley as well. Any way we tootled around in it all summer and had a near death experience on the A15 when the brakes failed and we ended up under the chassis of a large lorry which had stopped unexpectedly in front of us!! Great memories! Mike

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