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Hi Eric & Trustees, from making calls to members, a couple have asked if there’s scope to making the exterior fire door at the wood store into a main entrance/exit, by putting in a new lock? Thereby, avoiding access through the shared Burnside entrance and limiting the numbers using the workshop, as some wish to return asap, and will avoid using the Burnside facilities (toilets) although the latter will be hard to police right now. Respectfully, aware that we’re in deep lease negotiations and rather than presenting you with questions, members are mindful to come up with solutions in the first instance to. Thanks for listening

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  1. Thanks for raising these points.
    We have asked WSCC if we can have a key and at the moment they will not allow this – I don’t think putting a lock on the wood store door will change their policy.
    In any case, only the first supervisor needs to go through the main doors since that person can open the doors on the wood store for access. I am sure that person will be able to maintain social distancing to enter and unlock.
    If people are talking about this in connection with returning post lockdown, which I appreciate they may be, then I am sure we will have to do a full risk assessment before that happens and probably have to agree it with WSCC before we can return. Our risk management will have to include measures to maintain social distancing including how we use toilets, etc. First I think we will have to wait until Gov provides more guidance and WSCC re-open Burnside.

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