Our aim is to provide safe opportunities for members to interact on topics of interest without the need to use other social media sites such as Facebook. A common way to do this is by using posts or blogs (typically a narrative or short story). A good example is a travel blogger writing about their experience, good or bad, with tips and assistance to others. The post therefore provides a focal point enabling others to ask questions, comment and even give advice. Posts and blogs can be serious, humerous, uplifting and reflective and they can be written in informal ways. It’s up to you. All we ask is that posts and blogs reflect the friendly, genuine and sincere culture we have in BH-Shed.

How to use this section

The Post drop-down menu enables members to navigate to appropriate categories. Posts covering similar topics are listed together which keeps things focused (see Posts drop-down menu).

A post or comments may show […] at the end to indicate there is more text. To reveal the whole message/comment, click on the blog title.

Some posts may be password protected when they cover sensitive information. Click on the title to reveal the password input box.

The following explains how you can upload posts and comments. A more concise guide to posting and commenting is also available in the drop-down menu.

How to post and comment

To post a blog, please complete the form on the ‘Submit Blog‘ Page (go to Menu>Post>Submit Blog). Alternatively, send a typed version (as MS Word doc or pdf) with images attached (not embedded in text) to the Site Editors via

The Editors will check that the post is safe to publish (i.e. does not infringe any copyright, data protection, safeguarding and any other legislation, and is in line with our mission and policies). The post will be approved and published as soon as possible. It is best to submit your own pictures rather than paste and copy from other sources such as Google, which are likey to have copyright restrictions and rights. We will not allow any material to be published if we believe it infringes any copyright, data protection, safeguarding or any other law.

Once posted members can comment in the ‘Leave a Comment’ dialogue box on the same page. Comments will be moderated and if approved will appear beneath the blog. The same checks applied to posts (as above) will also apply to comments.


There are several categories, eg. Shed News, Members, Friends, etc. These are selected when you complete the upload form. If you submit via an email, you can advise the editor which category you would like to be assigned, otherwise the editor will assign the pots to appropriate categories during approval. You can select more than one category. For example, if your post is news and concerns members you can select Shed News and Members.

Posts and comments may be accessed by category using the Post drop-down menu.