Repair Cafe Update

Message from Anne Eves

Burgess Hill Repair Cafe

Alas, we have to cancel the Repair Cafe for the foreseeable future.

The Salvation Army have closed their hall to all-comers for the duration.  An alternative venue has been suggested but even that would only be possible once we re-emerge from the pandemic.

Never fear, we will rise again as soon as we possibly can & we are here to stay in Burgess Hill!

Please stay safe & look after your neighbours, as I’m sure you will. None of you has notified me yet that they’ve gone down with the virus, which is a big relief.  The Help Point is still open and can locate volunteers near you if you need someone. Burgess Hill Helpers’ Army, and Neighbourly Care, and Acorn, are available on Facebook. 

By the way, the tip is now closed as well.

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