Animal Quiz Answers

1 Men get less as they grow older: Hare

2 A lady seaman: Wren

3 Bat, ball and stumps: Cricket

4 Ice cold breast: Blue Tit

5 Run upstairs to find this bird: Puffin

6 It comes down ladders: Snakes

7 Get this when shouting: Horse

8 He went to sea with a cat: Owl

9 ? and Dec: Ant

10 You may find this in a hole: Toad

11 This worm does not run very fast: Slow worm

12 Find these in an apiary: Bees

13 You may find GOD in this: Dog

14 Start a letter: Dear

15 This is done to to open the box: Donkey

16 If you didn’t get the above, you are a silly? Ass

17 He was a King: Gorilla

18 It was a thieving: Magpie

19 A kind of brown: Fawn

20 A coloured dog: Greyhound

21 It may be welsh: Rabbit

22 Which bird crossed the road? Pelican

23 You won’t forget this quiz: Elephant

24 It’s like a mitten: Kitten

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