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Hurst Hedgehog Haven was set up in 2017 to encourage the lovely folks of Hurstpierpoint and beyond to become a little more hedgehog friendly, we have a busy facebook page and web site. We offer advice, give talks, hold information events as well as our Burgess Hill A & E for poorly hogs. Not sure if you have hedgehogs in your garden? They are solitary mammals that just get on with their night time lives often not seen by us, the main tell tale signs are their little black poo, 2 to 3 cm long. You may also hear them snuffling looking for food.

How do I get a hedgehog in my garden? In order to get hogs in your garden they need to be able to get there and have a reason to want to come. So firstly you need to make a hole in or under your fence, around 13 cm square, get your neighbours to do the same, they can travel a long way so will need access 8 to 12 gardens. Their natural food lives under logs and plants so keeping a part of your garden as a wildlife area would be good, the perfect excuse to be a bit untidy! This will also give them somewhere to live, I have a couple of Hoggie houses made by BH Shed which they seem to like.

If you do nothing else please put down a shallow bowl of water this will help all manner of wildlife.

Should I feed my hedgehogs? You can feed hogs. Making a feeding station is a good way of doing this, they like to eat meat based cat food and biscuits. Please DO NOT feed meal worms, peanuts, bird food, bread or milk as these can be harmful to them. Making a bug hotel and a wildlife area is better so they can find their own food.

Do hedgehogs sunbath? Hogs do not sunbath! If they are out in the day this is a sign that they are unwell and you need to get help ASAP, watch for a while if they are still there in 10 or so minutes, wearing gloves put them in a box with some news paper in a quiet place, put some water in a shallow bowl and call for help, do not wait and see. There is one exception for a hog being out in the day that is if they are a busy mum getting food and bedding for their babies, they will look like they are on a mission and should not be disturbed.

For lots of help and advice, go to website:, or Facebook page: FB Hurst Hedgehog Haven.

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  1. Great site some good for learning true fact about these little darlings. Ann is doing a great job. Getting my HH house with big house house from them shed’ in Bh. Very excited.

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