Landscape Leonardo

Landscape Leonardo

All garden work I’ll undertake.
No project is too small –
from giving your dead grass a rake,
to building you a wall.

I’ll lay a concrete patio,
bare lawns I will re-seed
and, if your shrubs don’t seem to grow,
I’ll give the lot a feed.

When all your timber fence posts rot,
don’t worry your poor head,
I’ll come round and replace the lot
with concrete ones instead.

I’ll Cuprinol your garden shed,
and prune your apple trees,
or winter-dig the veggie bed
with forking expertise.

I’m a landscape Leonardo,
a Master of the Sward.
So let’s negotiate a rate
you feel you can afford.

All landscape work I’ll undertake –
for me, no job’s too small.
So let me start my garden art
by giving me a call.

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