For the Garden

Products for the garden made from recycled materials

We make bird boxes, hedgehog houses, cat shelters, dog kennels, and hutches for pet rabbits or guinea pigs. We have made garden benches and tables, planters and many other garden products.

Bird Boxes We produce a wide range of bird nesting boxes, from specialist ‘tit-boxes’ whose entrance holes are restricted to just 25mm, to larger owl boxes for attaching to a tree. We make standard closed front nest boxes for house sparrows and nuthatches, larger-holed boxes for woodpeckers and starlings, and open fronted boxes for robins and wrens. We can also provide a dual-purpose box with a removable front to convert to an open-front type, and bird shelves for wagtails and flycatchers. As well as the tawny owl box, we also make the specialist boxes required by tree creepers. Depending on the type, our boxes incorporate hinged or removable lids or slide-out floors to enable annual removal of old nesting material over the winter.

Planters and Pot Stands Is your summer pot plant collection let down by the ubiquitous plastic flower pots so beloved by the nurseries and garden centres? Show off your beautiful plants to their full potential in one of our decorative potted plant display units. You can choose from a simple window box which can also be used as a wall or fence mounted display or be sat on a dwarf wall, to our ‘cradle’ or faux steps’ designs. For the committed horticulturalist, the attractive faux steps unit enables larger pots and planters to be displayed to their full glory, whilst the cradle version provides the ideal display option for a patio or the front porch. Our display units can be supplied to your individual size requirements and pre-stained or painted in your personal choice of colour.

Trugs are so useful around the garden and, at the Shed, we produce a range of different designs to suit the various needs of the gardener. Our basic ‘gardeners trug’ is the workhorse of the range and is suitable for carrying around the hand tools and plants when planting or weeding beds. It can also be used as a portable planting box for trailing plants. We make a decorative versions for displaying potted plants, and the beautiful lightweight flower arrangers’ trug for collecting cut flowers intended for display. Any one of these baskets can be supplied pre-painted or stained to your requirements.