Willow Weaving

Introducing this traditional craft to BH-Shed, every Friday in the workshop between 0930 and 1230 hr.

Learning this craft will enable you to make a wide range of products for the home, garden and lovely gifts for family and friends.

We provide all the materials, tools and information you will need to get started and you will be able to learn and work alongside other members in a peaceful working environment.

Willow weaving is an old craft which uses coppiced willow in the round. Our materials are sourced from long standing suppliers based in Somerset. It is an excellent material for making strong baskets, other more natural looking products and sculptures usiing simple tools and techniques. Working with willow can provide benefits to health and well-being and it is an environmentally friendly craft which can stimulate creativity and inclusion.

We provide the basic tools needed to get started though you will probably wish to either buy or make a set of your own for working at home. To get started we have purchased materials, equipment and information from Coates English Willow. We are also supporting sessions with online video training provided by Musgrove Willows.

You can access more information and the training videos on their website: https://www.musgrovewillows.co.uk/