Inspiring our children and the makers of tomorrow through hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) experiences.

The purpose of the club is to promote STEM subjects and inspire the next generation by providing opportunities for children in our community to gain hands-on experience by doing and making things.

Our children are facing unparalleled challenges which will require them to solve new problems and make difficult decisions. Problem solving through practical application is a great way to learn problem solving and decision making skills.

STEM Club Sessions

We are currently exploring opprtunities to run a weekly or monthly after school STEM club. We would like children and parents to get involved to explore STEM subjects through hands on experiences.

Our STEM and Maker-Tech spaces are likely to be of interest to children and parents who would like to share ideas, develop new things and play with techy things.

STEM Events

Open themed events will run at weekends or during holiday times. These will be co-ordinated by members of the STEM Club and will provide taster sessions and demostrations for newcomers.

How to get involved

Please contact us to find out more and how to get involved.