Studio Art

A makerspace For Artists and Makers who wish to explore and practice any form of art and create their own artworks. 

a stimulating space for members using traditional and modern approaches to art

Studio Art is being updated to enable members to explore and practice a wider range of art forms and methods including traditional and modern digital technologies.  Members can currently use the space for screen printing, block printing, lino cutting, photography, wall arts such as posters, graffiti and stencils, drawing, oil, acrylic and water colour painting.  Soon, we will be adding facilities to enable the use of digital technologies in art projects.

Studio Art is supported by other spaces including Maker-Tech which is being equipped with CNC and Laser cutting machines which will enable artists to produce for example wood blocks for printing, or 3D art sculptures and fabrications. Our Metal, Woodwork and Pottery Spaces are also available for creating artworks in metal, wood, clay and other materials.

What you can do: members can use any of our spaces to explore and learn how to combine crafts to create any artwork, such as by using different materials and methods, for example screen printing on textiles or creating 3D artworks.

Some equipment is available including easels, tables, wall boards, pallets, brushes and paper.  Members are welcome to bring their own materials along. Within practical limitations, we will support the introduction of any new art approach through space and equipment.

Studio Art Sessions: these take place every Tuesday and Thursday between 10am and 3pm (other days may be available depending on supervisor and first aid cover).  Sessions are open format and suitable for members wishing to learn through hands-on approaches rather than through formal teaching.  Members can work on their own projects, help or work with others on group, community projects, commissions and collaborations.

Art Appreciation Sessions: Our Art Appreciation group meet every Wednesday in the Kiln 10am to 1pm, to explore all aspects of art and illustration. This includes a look at famous artists and illustrators including photographers, what compelled them and what made them successful. We also take a look at their styles and techniques and along the way, gain some fascinating insights into the social history of their times.