Pottery and ceramics have long been a part of our local heritage. At one time there were many thriving businesses and artisan studios in Burgess Hill which benefited from excellent clay deposits in the area. The last industrial company was Keymer Tiles which was founded as long ago as 1588 and continued to make hand crafted tiles until just a few decades ago.

Now with the completion of our pottery studio at the Kiln you can revisit the arts and crafts of pottery in a well lit and well equipped workspace. It is a safe and relaxing place where you can work with others, share ideas, interests and experiences. We welcome absolute beginners, those with more experience, anyone who simply wants to ‘have a go’ or anyone that has a specific project in mind.

Session Times:

  • Tuesday 10am -1pm
  • Tuesday evening 5:30-8:30pm (full)
  • Wednesday 10am -1pm
  • Thursday 10am -1pm

Our sessions will enable you to undertake your own projects and develop pottery skills through practical application. We do not provide conventional training or formal teaching. The emphasis is very much hands on with members helping each other by sharing skills and know how.

Some skills that you may be able to develop are:

making techniques including pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing

decorating techniques with coloured slip, simple press moulds

using tools and techniques to create surface textures.

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If you are interested in joining this group, want to see FAQs or want to know more, please use our contact page or email: pottery@bhshed.org.uk